NATURE NEWS from 19 May 2021 
Mixing COVID vaccines between first and second vaccination elicits a strong immune response

An interesting NEWS article was published on NATURE, which discusses whether a combination of the different vaccines with first vaccination vector-based and second vaccination mRNA-based could lead to improved vaccination protection than a pure vector-based dual vaccination. Initial still preliminary results from a study of 600 subjects from Spain suggest this is the case. These data can probably be confirmed by another study from Great Britain, the results of which are to be published soon. For immunologists, the results of this mix-match strategy are not very surprising, as they correspond to the basic principle of an immunological response, but the question remains open how to proceed with this approach should a third or fourth booster vaccination become necessary.

Please find here the link to the original NATURE article:

Here is the link to the web presentation of the Spanish research group: Spanish CombivacS trial



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