May 24th 2022

Stefan Prechtl
High-Content Imaging in Medicinal Research – A Brief Overview

Eugenio Fava, Philip Denner & Miguel Fernandes, DZNE, Bonn
From target to system: looking to the immune system for drug discovery in CNS

28th April 2022 

I am very pleased to announce the first CELLIMA livestream, where Philipp Kainz, CEO of KML Vision, gives an interview on the topic of  
Machine Learning In Medical Research

Together with Philipp, we will take a closer look at the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. 

June 23-25 2021

We are participating in SLAS EUROPE 2021, which takes place as an online digital conference and exhibition. 

We look forward to the exciting presentations.


Organized by NUVISAN Pharma Services at LinkedIn

Online: Mar 30, 2021, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CET

The webinar is now available via streaming link.

In their presentation, Dr. Florian Fuchs (Senior Principal Scientist at NUVISAN-ICB GmbH) and Dr. Stefan Prechtl present data that clearly illustrate the importance of High-Content Analysis (HCA) and the use of this great technology in preclinical research. The two scientists talk about technological developments and improvements in HCA over the last two decades. They also outline the current role of HCA in the value chain of pharmaceutical drug discovery research. And, they illustrate the strength that HCA brings in capturing stable and significant results with physiologically relevant models in early-stage research.

A brief outlook on possible future developments of this versatile technology in combination with artificial intelligence applications rounds out their presentation.

If you are interested, please find here the link to the recording of the webinar:

[Nuvisan Talk] - How High Content Imaging drives the engine of early drug discovery on Vimeo



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